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School District Partnerships

The Redhouse’s School District Partnerships provide unique and artistic educational experiences that stimulate imagination, encourage critical thinking and promote inclusivity. By reinforcing New York State Next Generation Learning Standards, promoting social/emotional learning, and developing a culturally responsive classroom, partnerships foster the further development of a positive school community. 

Current Partners:

Redhouse’s School District Partnerships are supported by Youth Service America.

Redhouse is also a proud supporter of the STEAM High School.

Do you want Redhouse enrichment at your school? Email or call (315) 362-2788 for more information.

Professional Development

Redhouse offers professional development services that empower staff and faculty. The resources and opportunities provided by our instructors will actively engage all members of your professional community.

Talkback Series and Discussion Events: The Redhouse strives to produce theatre that incites conversation. Talkback Sessions and Discussion Panels are comprised of theatre artists, area professionals, nonprofit support and advocacy groups, and members of the community at large, who discuss the underlying issues brought to light by our programming. Each group of panelists is specifically chosen to contribute their specialized expertise and/or personal experiences. Please check out our Main Stage and Theatre Experience show schedules for specific Talkback/Discussion themes and dates.

Coming Up…

Daytime Student Performances are available! Email or call (315) 362-2788 for more information 

Redhouse Arts Center & Daneli Partners Excellence in Education Arts and Education Series: Professional Development and a Show 

This experience will bring a deeper insight into the performance while earning professional development hours or CTLE credits.

“Too often in this community and across the country, enrichment opportunities, arts education, is very dependent on the neighborhood and the school district that a child attends…The Redhouse looks to even out the playing field…Before I was an administrator I was a physics teacher. And of course how can you be a physics teacher and not have Albert Einstein as one of your idols. So here is what even Einstein said about the arts. ‘I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world.’ Thank you Redhouse for the support of the children around Central New York…so that we can continue to give all children irrespective of zip code opportunities to experience the arts.”

Brian Kesel, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, West Genesee Central School District