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Available Roles

Redhouse encourages all that are interested to audition regardless of race, color, creed, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation, affectional preference, gender identity or expression, sexual and reproductive health decisions, pregnancy, disability, genetic predisposition, age, military or veteran status, marital or familial status, or any other protected characteristic, in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Tuck Everlasting

In Partnership with Arc of Onondaga

Winnie Foster: to play 11.  A child. skeptical. But with an unknown longing for romance and adventure. Must sing very well and have comic timing. 

Jesse Tuck: to play 17. Light and laughing, eternal youth writ large. Pop tenor. Must sing very well. 

Miles Tuck: 20s. Burned and bitter. Bari-tenor. Must sing well. 

Mae Tuck: 40s. Homespun wisdom is leavened with humor .

Angus Tuck:  40’s. Once awakened is vibrant and virile. 

Man in the Yellow Suit: 60’s. Creepy and persuasive, with an obsession, a secret. Must sing. 

Hugo: to play 17. Painfully shy, awkward and goofy; but smart and eerily observant. 

Constable Joe: 60’s. Seemingly a buffoon, with sharp wit and a kind heart. 

Mother: 30’s. Gentle and almost broken by grief and fear and loss. 

Nana: 60. Loopy but loving. Must sing. 

Featured Performers/Ensemble/Mentors

Levi’s Relic (working title)

Levi: A fun-loving fairy who is meticulous in everything they do. They value strength and power so they can protect what they love.

Nova & Ramsey (Puppetry)

Crystal & Marcelino (Puppetry: Tortoise with two heads, parts played simultaneously)

Ms. Komodo, Mega Mainian & Larry the Llama (Puppetry)

*Also casting Swing Actors